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LATEST NEWS ......... 11 Mar 17 Messy Church Thursday 23rd March 4-6 pm Living Stones, Kilmartin .........
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Intimations 2017

Ford Communion date amended

Communion in Ford will be on 12th March with Rev. Stanley Hood.

Toilet Twinning  and Watch night service                                                                                                                          The retiring offering plus additional donations has paid for two toilets in the developing world, one in Malawi and the other in Cambodia. Photographs may be viewed in Kilmartin Chu

The Flower Lists for Glassary Church and Kilmartin                                                                                                            Thank you to those who have volunteered for the winter season. You don’t need to be a flower arranger to do the flowers.  The offer of a  simple bunch of  flowers is always welcome.

MOMA as an organisation seem to have a plentiful sufficiency of articles required for people needing a re-start. In the meantime, therefore, I will be collecting articles in the usual way but will be distributing them to Mary’s Meals. Hope this is ok with everyone. Caroline Waterhouse



Reverend Kapombe and Session Clerk Joel Kandado wrote

‘We would like to thank All Churches under Mid Argyll for the kind gesture shown in helping Kasamba Congregation during this time of food shortage.

May God Bless you ALL


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