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About Mid Argyll and Kintyre Ramblers

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General Notes for Walkers

General Notes  

You are reminded that the main objective of the Programme is to help you to enjoy walking. With this in mind, the committee would like to emphasise the foillowing. 
INEXPERIENCED WALKERS must check with the leader before coming on a grade of walk with which they are unaccustomed. This applies where inability to cope with the conditions, and maintain a reasonable walking pace, can cause a problem for the leader, in that it could affect the safety of the party. In the interests of safety, the leader may refuse to lead anyone whom they consider to be not properly equipped for the walk. 
As groups are usually made up of members with varying walking abilities, please consider those at the back of the party. Leaders especially, are reminded, that they must set and control the pace of the walk to reflect these differing abilities, and must not allow the pace of the walk to be dictated by a few members of the party who may tend to force the pace. Conversely, failure to maintain a reasonable pace can similarly cause problems for the leader and spoil the enjoyment of the group as a whole. Failure to observe these considerations may deter members from fully enjoying the walks or developing gradually onto higher grades of walks. In the interests of enjoyment and safety, you should stay within sight and earshot of the Leader at all times and should not leave the walk without first informing the Leader. 
You are reminded that dogs are NOT ALLOWED on walks. 
It is your responsibility to check times and meeting places. If you are unsure of the starting point, please contact the leader. For linear walks, a mini-bus or some form of shared transport may be necessary. This will be indicated in the programme and you should contact the leader bv the date given if you wish to go.  
Children on walks are the specific responsibility of the accompanying parent.
Please note that neither the Group nor the Leader can accept liability for any accident which may occur on any Group walk. Although every effort is made to ensure the safety of parties, people coming on walks do so entirely at their own risk. Personal Accident Insurance is recommended. There is Public Liability Insurance taken out by the Ramblers Association covering certain eventualities including claims against Leaders and damage to property covered by negligent acts. The policy does not cover people who are not fully paid up members of the RA.  
NOTES ON WALKS (Grading is as follows).  

A+ Severe. Arduous walks for the experienced and the very fit, involving some or all of these factors: on high ground; with exposure; with steep ascents and descents; at a brisk pace; distances over 24km. Standard grading for hill-walking in winter conditions. 

A Strenuous. For the fit, involving some or all of these factors: on high or rough ground; with steep ascents and descents; distances over 24km. 

B+ Moderate to strenuous. For the reasonably fit. 


B Moderate, demanding higher standards of fitness and stamina that C+.

C+ Easy to moderate, for those with improving fitness, offering some modest challenges- less than 17km.

C Easy. Mainly on level ground and often on paths or tracks. Suitable for beginners. Less than 12km.

Please note that grading given for walks are intended only as a rough guide. For further information on a particular walk, contact the leader. The leader may change or cancel a walk because of adverse weather conditions or for any other good reason. The duration of walks can vary enormously depending upon the group and the weather.


Food and a drink should be taken. Sweets/ chocolate may provide additional energy.

To cope with the wide variations of our Scottish weather and temperature, the ‘layer’ principle of clothing helps, with several layers of clothing incorporating essential outer wind and hooded waterproof layers.

Bring a hat and gloves in case of sleet, rain or snow.

Walking boots are essential for hill walking.

You are responsible for carrying any medication you may require.

You must inform the leader of any medical condition that could affect your ability to complete the walk.

A map relevant to the walk, and a compass plus knowledge of how to use it, are desirable and probably essential on ‘A;’ and ‘B’ grade walks.

A whistle is essential for summoning help or indicating an emergency.

If you are going on winter mountains an ice axe and crampons may be necessary, as is the knowledge of how to use them.

Walkers MUST stay within sight of the leader or back marker at all times.

You must not leave a walk before informing the leader/back marker.

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