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About Oban Community Council

Everyone is welcome to come along to listen to and participate in items of particular interest to them. Feel free to drop in to any of our meetings. or on Facebook If you live in Oban then this is your Community Council and it is important that we properly represent your views. Next Full Meeting Monday 27 March 2017 [...]more →

About Us

Oban Community Council is governed by the Approved Scheme of establishment of community councils.
Oban Community Council also abides by the Good practise agreement Argyll & Bute Council and Argyll and Bute Community Councils.


Community Councillors must live in the area served by Oban Community Council and are elected by registered voters.

Oban Community Council has 20 seats.

Chair :            Marri Malloy

Vice Chair:   Duncan Martin

Treasurer :  Jessie MacFarlane

Secretary :  Andrew Vennard

Assistant secretary: June Anfield

Members :

Marri Malloy, Duncan Martin, William Martin,  Kenny McIntyre , Kate Winton,  June Anfield, Andrew Harper, Jessie MacFarlane, Stewart McIver,Alexandra Russell, George Berry, David Gallant,Grant Nicholson,Andrew Vennard , Kenneth MacColl,

 To allow OCC to move forward in some areas Sub Groups have been setup to look at and report back- each group has a chair and will meet before and report to the full meetingDates and Times of these meeting will be posted on this website and via our facebook page


Group Areas of Business Members
Health and Education Doctors Surgery,Dentists,Hospice,Hospital,Schools,Social Care D Martin (chair)
Transport Parking,Piers and Harbours,Public Transport,Roads D Gallant (chair)
Development, Planning and Licensing Community Empowerment Bill,Land Reform,Licence Applications,Planning Applications,TIF projects   S McIver(chair)
Environment Cinema,Dog Fouling,Refuse Collection,Skatepark,Street Cleaning  (chair)

How can I become a member?

Members are elected to the community council by registered voters

To be eligible to stand you must:
  • Be 18 years of age or more on the day of the election.
  • Have your name included in the electoral register for parliamentary or local government elections for the community council area in which you are standing
  • Be resident within the community council area in which you are standing
  • Be nominated by two people on the electoral register

Elections are held on a four year cycle. The most recent elections were held on 31 October 2013. By elections are held between cycles to fill any vacancies that may arise.

If the number of candidates validly nominated is less than or equal to the total number of seats on the community council all candidates will be declared to be elected and no poll will be held

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of Oban Community Council are to ascertain, co-ordinate and express, the views of the community which it represents; and to take action, in the interests of the community, as appears to be expedient and reasonably practicable.


The Wider Picture

Oban Community Council is part of a network of Community Councils which covers the whole of Scotland and is supported by The Association of Commmunity Councils.

There are 54 Community Councils in the Argyll & Bute Local Government area.. Please click here for contact details of the other Community Councils within the area

Oban Community Council is also a member of The Association of Argyll & Bute Community Councils which provides a forum where  matters of common interest to Community Councils may be debated and issues which affect areas within the Argyll & Bute Council area may be discussed

Community Councils are fully integrated by statue into the Community Planning process. Oban Community Council lies with in the Argyll & Bute Community Planning Partnership area. More details on Community Planning can be found here.

Oban Community Council straddles two Local Authority Multi Member Wards: Oban North and Lorn and Oban South and the Isles. Please click here for further information.

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